What is the best Web Tag approach that everyone understand immediately. Any idea?

Hi community,

What is the best Web Tag approach that everyone understand immediately. Any idea?

I had a really nice conversation that I never had before:

"Let’s define a common tag versioning number for all scrum teams that everyone understand easily and if to a deploy knows exactly and easily and faster what will the next tag number"

  • We already understood that 8 characters are the maximum number that OutSystems allow use to tag

  • Play with sprint number in the version is not good because different teams can deploy the same application

  • The tag number should be the more logic possible because we don’t want to create difficulty/complexity with this code

  • The suggestion that I liked more needs to  related with Time that everyone of us understand immediately

  • Instead of XX.XX.XX we can have XX.XXXXX or even XXXXXXXX if is to logic the number

Any brilliant idea to share with everyone? As maybe a best practice to all community?

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Nuno Oliveira

Not sure what the purpose would be using time. 

MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH would be most common used. All other information i would include in release notes, which come from Jira, Azure DevOps or other toolings like that. Ofcourse you should link your User stories to the tagged versions.


Het is clear we have that default methodology that we are used to see in applications that we use:

I think we are trying to bring an extra meaning with that code, and maybe creatying some complexity, but a standard way of working.

When we develope software to be used in house and we don't have the "Major" changes we are creating from the scratch and creating functionality all releases that the user use immediatly, I believe that someone is trying to see (high level) in that numbers to do some a fast traking.

We are dealing with some teams, some aplications, and changes are always happening.

OutSystems/Scrum is too easy and resolves a lot of our nightmares of Branching, Merging, etc. Maybe we are complicating

Is someone has other way to manage this numbers, be free to share.


Hi guys,

To share our approach/idea for this necessity. It will work like a charm


  • We are not a software house and we 3 OutSystems Teams that they are working in different applications
  • We still have fix time periods to release, so we are releasing all at the same time 

The question was:

How is easy to use Version Number to be one more code available for easily tracking the changes? 

One code perfect for every one understand and link it with Release Names on Jira for example (or other tools)

The solution:


  • So all the teams will work is the same OutSystemsReleaseNumber, for all applications. We will have the same OutSystemsReleaseNumber. 
  • The AmountOfDeployments is the number of deployments that you do for a specific application
  • HotFix is if you need to publish directly in other environment that is not Development

When the release X is promoted to Acceptance, the developers for all teams will start with the X + 1 Versions (OutSystemsReleaseNumber)

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