Associate Developer training Updated!

Associate Developer training Updated!

Dear all,

We're happy to announce that the Associate Developer training has been updated and has now become more practical and includes additional content focusing on the Agile Platform 4.2.

The key changes are
  • Added Associate Developer Introduction that describes how you can take out the most out of the course
  • Added Agile Platform Introduction that provides a first hands-on experience to bootstrap those new to the Agile Platform
  • Updated Agile Platform Fundamentals to reflect some of the changes of the 4.2 version
  • Added Web Logic skill that explains exactly how user interaction is dealt with in the Agile Platform and how can the new 4.2 AJAX functionality be used in the UI of your application
  • Updated Style Guide, level 1 and level2 to reflect the new Rich Internet Applications Style Guide that has been introduced with the 4.2 version of the Agile Platform
  • Added a number of hands-on exercises to make the training more practical and even more effective

We recommend you all to get yourselves up to date by reviewing the new content and completing the new tests. Note that you will keep all certifications you have completed. The only limitation is that you will not be able to request new endorsements until you get yourself up to date.

In the event that you are in the middle of the Associate Developer certification you may have to repeat some of these skills to you ensure you are trained with the latest content.

Best Regards,
Pedro Oliveira