Why don't the Partners and / or independent developers get access to the full fledged Outdocumenter application? Is there a reason for the best features (Evaluation Report) be reserved for Outsystems internal use?
Hi André,

Thanks for your interest on the Agile Platform!

Indeed the OutDocumenter provides out-of-box a set of documentation capabilities, including the Best Practices Report as you mentioned, and it’s part of our strategy to include a full-fledged version in our offering in the future.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure a proper quality service as well as the adequate degree of integration with the Agile Platform and the Agile Network, we’ve decided to not make it fully available for Partners and Customers for now.

Hope this clarifies you.


Manuel Dias
It's a pitty to NOT have this available.
How do I get documentation out of my OML now ?