When publishing a new version of my web app, this error appeared.

How can I solve?


Morning bro,

Please, try to show the error in ServiceCenter.


This may be some untreated exception in your preparation of screen or actions of other module.

Hi Rodrigo Lima,
Do what Rodrigo Luan said. I was also appearing this error. I went to the service center and saw that the error was in a query.


An exception in the Preparation of the screen probably produces this error. As well as looking at the Service Center, you can also debug the action and see the error. 

You can also pass the exception message to a Session variable and place it in an expression on the Error page (for the development environment) to quickly see the reason of the error.


I used the ServiceCenter and could see where the error was.

I was placing a ComboBox on the Genero attribute on a screen listing patients. And it was giving a refusal.

Estou aprendendo. Obrigado a todos pela ajuda!