Hello, Im using oS11 and I've come across an error while using Google books API. I consume the rest method to get the book info, test and copu body and obtain the structures. but when I run the app the cover (field that I need) doesnt load and I get an Internal server error

I had issues while doing the lesson refering to the employees project. Cant use the Google apis. Am I missing something?

Hi Sérgio,

Do you get more details in the Service Center error log? Could you share a screenshot of the error there?

According to ServiceCenter

400 Bad Request

   at ssReadingList.CcGoogleapis.ActionGetVolumes(HeContext heContext, ICcGoogleapisCallbacks _callbacks, String inParamTitle, String inParamAIzaSyBqDSOL5MQ86TilQW38d3AXuteg_avnEXM, STBooks_volumeStructure& outParamResponse).

The thing that it confuses me is that I get a correct response in the REST method


I have fixed the issue, there were some misconfigurations on the RQ of my API that I've since fixed.