What is IPP?


With the new 4.2 version of the Agile Platform a new feature called Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) has been introduced.

The main goal of IPP is to ensure that all applications deployed at one customer’s Agile Platform Infrastructure are protected and cannot be deployed in any other Infrastructure, without a proper authorization or license by the rightful owner of the application or component, either a Customer or an Independent Software Vendor. This means you can stage your applications through all the server environments within your Agile Platform Infrastructure without any restrictions. By Infrastructure we mean a set of affiliate server environments, usually the development, quality, and production environments.

Let’s follow an example: ACME, Inc. hires TechConsulting to develop and deploy an online payments extension. In a second project, ACME hires NetConsultants to develop a new eCommerce application that reuses the online payments extension. With IPP enabled, neither NetConsultants nor TechConsulting will be able to install the extension in another customer’s Infrastructure without prior registration at www.outsystems.com/ipp and consequent authorization from ACME.

Another example: MoreSoftware has developed a charts Solution in-house and is willing to license it to several customers, including ACME. With IPP enabled, MoreSoftware will be able to install the Solution at ACME and subsequent customers, given prior registration at www.outsystems.com/ipp. In this case, no authorization will be required from ACME or any of the further customers.

Anyway, whenever you need to migrate your eSpaces, Solutions or Extensions to other infrastructures, you’ll use the IP Rights Validation Form, available at www.outsystems.com/ipp.

The first step in doing this is identifying the Activation Code of the destination Agile Platform Infrastructure (the Platform where you need to deploy your application or component). The administrator of the destination infrastructure can locate this Activation Code by going the licensing area of any Service Center of the Infrastructure's server environments. All you need to do afterwards is upload your application (eSpace, Extension or Solution) using the form. You will then receive an email with the download link for your application granted with the permissions to stage it to any server environment of the destination Agile Platform Infrastructure.


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