how to set id attribute in text box

Hi Team,

please any documentation for how to id attribute for text box, and how to fetch id name


Vairamuthu R

Hi Vairamuthu,

Here you have place of set for Textbox id, Name property, and value is the textbox id, and if you want to get runtime id TextBoxId.Id in design time.

And Var1 is the value of textbox entered by the user.

You need to do the following course, for better understanding Outsystems development.



OutSystems Platform generate the id attribute automatically, so you can not set it directly.

I'm not sure your use case.  but usually there are two ways

- Use Id Runtime property of Input Widget.

  You can get value of id at runtime and then pass it to your code.

- Use you own attribute name such as widget-id.

  You can set it in Extended Properties of Input Widget.

  And then access widget with selector.