Certification for Associate Developer

Certification for Associate Developer

I was doing the Certifications Tests and Wwebinars for Associate Developer on the online training and i already finished all 21 tests and webinars. When i try to enter into the Professional Developer Certification a msg shows up and it says: "You can not get this certification because you don't have a classification of 2 stars in Associate Developer "!!!
So, how can i get this 2 stars on the Associate Developer? The tests aren't no longer available to do them again!
Can anyone help me?

Best Regards
Fernanda Rodrigues
Hello Fernanda,

you need to get endorsed by a higher-level outsystems developer / project member to get these stars.

One way is to join the Outsystems bootcamp.

Best regards,
Hans de Vries
Ok. Thanks

Best Regards
Fernanda Rodrigues
Hans is right on the mark!

In order to gain your stars you will need an experienced OutSystems Professional to endorse you as an autonomous Associate Developer. One of the best ways to do this is to go to a developer boot camp. If are already taking part in a project you can also request your Delivery Manager or Engagement Manager to assess you performance and endorse you.

One note is that you will need your company to have the Team Plus edition of the Agile Network in order for you to access the Professional Developer training as only the Associate Developer is available in the One and Team editions.

Best Regards,
Pedro Oliveira