Does Micro services architecture is possible in Outsystems?

Micro-services is highly possible in outsystems at the architecture level? please suggest the opinion and tell me the possibilities as i was using the micro services in my previous technology like java. 

Pedro Costa wrote:

Hi Yakath,

See this document:


Thanks it is helpful. 

So the above blog says that the micro-services architecture is possible in out-systems? Once after forming all the infra-structure required in an application server only it is possible? or the existing applications can be transformed now as a pieces of services? could you please give an idea?


Yes existing modules can be converted to service modules, and applications can be converted to service applications.

One thing to remember all service applications / modules share same database per environment in OutSystems.

On ODC last year there was a great presentation on Domain and Service Architecture:



With the above said, does micro-services architecture resolves the performance issues like slowness(refreshing all the DB entities from the backend) and causing the application to become slower? I mean when i click on any request it does refresh all the DB and taking time to reload and then open an window for another action. Any suggestions/inputs?