How to apply a filter to a combo box widget

Hey so my question is fairly simple(or so I thought).

Basically I want to use a combo box from a filtered aggragate. In my screen preparation I do a GetClasses aggragate and I filter them by only the active classes. But the combo box only accept the entire entity as a source. I'm fairly new to OS so this may be a bit basic but I cannot find out how to use the filtered entity instead of the original. I tried setting the Get inside the OnChange but the source still doesn't give me the option to select the filtered aggragate as a source. So how do I accomplish what I want?



Hi Felipe,

You can specify either the entity itself in property 'Source Entity', or you can specify a list (such as Aggregate.list, or from server action or SQL) in property 'Source Record List'.  In order to be able to do so, you will first have to change 'Source Entity' back to <None> though.

When using 'Source Record List', you'll notice the 'Source Attribute' property becomes mandatory.  This is what is shown in the dropdown to the user.

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Hello Felipe,

For filter an list using combo box, you can use (select2):


Thanks you guys!

Problem solved =]