Hi I would like to get the current days of the week I picked from the datepicker. For example I picked the date of 2019-10-01.

I would like to put an assign statement Onchange to get the current MondayDate to be 2019-09-30, TuesdayDate to be 2019-10-01, WednesdayDate to be 2019-10-02. 

Hi Penny,

You can use DayOfWeek function to get the related days from your selected date.


In your assign check the DayOfWeek from selected date, and using the result you can use AddDays function to get the dates of you want


Thanks Sir Pedro, I will update you after applying that function.

Hi Sir Pedro

I looked up at AddDays function, Experimentally I choose dates of sundays only. My function looked like this AddDays(SundayPicked, 1) to get the corresponding monday but what returned happened to be #1900-01-01# do I have to somehow convert the format of SundayPicked?

Sorry If I am not making myself clear.


Hi Penny!

I created a DatePickerTest based on your original post. I hope this helps.

The output is a structure is laid out in a 7 column, 1 row table so it might seem the table isn't changing.

Best regards,

Joseph Enriquez


Good Day Sir Joseph,

Yes the OML file you created works and just what I need. I am currently applying that in my project. Thank you for giving time in answering my question. Additionally I would like to thank you for the Local Variable Week which has the Structure of SevenDays, originally I was planning to have individual Local Variables and it seemed dirty to look at, the variable pertaining to a structure will really make my project clean.

Thank you Sir!