Analytics data unavailable for few of the applications

On our development environment, LifeTimeAnalytics is not recording Application analytics for few of the applications. The monitoring status is enabled as shown in the picture here and described at steps.

That's the reason, I see few of the applications have monitoring data, while few have none. It says "There is insufficient data to calculate this value in the selected time period."

Also, the option of "Applications with Monitoring Disabled" has no applications opted out.

Hi Swatantra,

I might be pointing at the obvious here, but would you say that the expected dataset for those applications would be the same? How old/used are the applications with insufficient data?

Hi Afonso, The applications which are under development and being actively used are not generating metrics. At the same time, as mentioned in the problem statement few other applications are able to generate the metrics.

This made me think, is there anything I've to configure at application level? I guess, no. But then, again why the metrics are missing?

I saw the values in the table OSSYS_ESPACE_CONFIGURATION for PerformanceMonitoringEnabled and have mixed values of 1 and 0, which explains why the performance monitoring is not working.