*version of the platform: 10.0.1013.0

*version of the service studio: 10

*web application

We have a form inside a web block. Then we feed a webscreen with this web block. This form has 3 columns (columns3 from the Web Patterns) and 2 columns in the bottom part. 

After an user fills the form, after it clicks in the Save button it will appear a button  +ADD FORM. Now, how to add a new form after an user clicks in +ADD FORM? 

Maybe in the webscreen where is the web block we need to put a list records widget? How to achieve the replication of the form after clicking the +ADD FORM button? 

Hi Jorge, 

I would try the list records with the web block in the lines. 

To replicate simply copy the content of the line saved to the new line. 

Hope this help 


thanks Graça.

This web block has also besides the form, a table records , and maybe a list records. Why? Because the web  block has three tabs... and we would need to replicate these 3 tabs each time somenone wants to add more one example. I think it is not possible to feed a list record with three distint sources (one for the form, another one for the table records, and still another one for the list records / another table records). 

Yes, yours is a difficult issue. 

I would focus in the replication of the form and keep the screen with only one instance from that web block.

Hi Jorge,

You need to have the Web Blocks fetch their own data. The enclosing List Records can then be based on a simple list of a Structure that contains the identifiers needed to fetch that data, passing the values to the Web Blocks.