SQL Server 2008 -> Create/Upgrade Database Tab

SQL Server 2008 -> Create/Upgrade Database Tab

Hi there!

I'm installing Platform server in a Windows Server 2003 32-bit virtual machine for development/testing, with SQL Server 2008.

I created a user, OSAdmin, created an OutSystems database and an outsystems catalog inside it. When I'm getting the database part, on Configuration Tool, in order to define the users, when I click on Test Connection I get the following error message:

"Database connection was successfull.
However the following error ocurred while reading trying to read user permissions:
Failed to retrieve user roles:

When I click on Grant Permissions and the user is created, like the one I created, the message is: "Runtime user is an Administrator. No grants needed."

When I click on Grant Permissions and the user is NOT created, I get the message "Could not get user permissions: GroupName".

I tried to authenticate with sa or my user, when I click on Grant Permissions.

When I click on Create/Upgrade Database, I get the message "Unable to connect to database. Please use the Test Connection button to check if the administration user connection works. You can also use the Grant Permissions button to give the necessary permissions to the 'OSAdmin' user."

I guess it has something to do with the user roles, but I'm comparing an SQL Server 2005 Express installation, in order to understand the difference, but I really can't find anything wrong. I created the Schema, the database role, compared 100% the SQL Server 2005 outsystems database roles/users and everything is the same...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your time and help.
Hi Luís,

The SQL Server 2008 is not yet supported by the Agile Platform 4.2. We are working on it. Please check the Agile Platform Requirements for details on the supported stacks.


Rodrigo Castelo
Oh, great. I lost a whole day of work trying to get it to work on SQL Server 2008... those things just happen to me. eheh

Thanks a lot
Any news on the support. Or maybe a work around? I also lost quite some time with installing SQL 2008. It's for demo purposes, but maybe you should also update the "install_checklist.mht"file. In that checklist it says : "Any edition except Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition".

At the moment Microsoft only has Sql 2008 as a trial. But does Outsystems work with SQL 2005 Express Edition?
Hi Saber

The Agile Platform Trial works well with SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. In fact, the installer bundle of the Agile Platform Trial includes a version of the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, in case you don't have any SQL Server 2005 installed on the computer.

If you're installing a Trial edition for evaluation or demo purposes, yes you can use the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

If you plan to install a full fledged development or production environment, we strongly recommend against it, since it doesn't scale properly to accommodate any serious OutSystems Application Factory.

We'll let know when SQL Server 2008 is supported