Easier platform server installation, like trial

Easier platform server installation, like trial


I'm trying to install Platform Server with SQL Server 2008 and I'm getting so many problems, that I'm starting to seek for an easier solution, just like installing the trial version.

Is there any package to install just platform server (and service center), as easy as the trial, but for other licenses than trial?

Hi Luís,

As mentioned in this post, SQL Server 2008 is not yet supported by the Agile Platform 4.2. This should be the cause of the problems you are experiencing.

Apart the Platform Server installer which is guided through a checklist, there is no other installer to setup the Agile Platform in non-trial environments.


Rodrigo Castelo
Ok, thanks. Sorry for a post that, after all, seems like a re-post.
No problem. Post at will. That is what the forums are here for.

Glad we could help,

Rodrigo Castelo