Error in cast in my extension

Error in cast in my extension


I'm going crazy about this error:

There was an error processing your request:

Unable to cast object of type 'OutSystems.NssExtension.RLo017_myObjectRecordList' to type 'OutSystems.NssExtension.RLo017_myObjectRecordList'.

Anyone had a similar problem ?
Hi, let me ask this in a different way:

I return a record list from an extension of the type X, and in service studio i want to insert it into a entity of type Y, althought the type X and type Y are the same, outsystems considers them as too different objects( since one is from Extension and the other is not ).

Is there any way to cast a record List ? I can go for all the fields of type X and assign it to Y but...
Hi Miguel,

In fact type X and type Y are two different types, since one is defined in an Extension and the other in Service Studio. If they were defined in two different Extensions, they would also be different types, the same way they would be different types if you defined them in two different eSpaces.

As such, there is no way for you to cast type X to Y or vice-versa. You need to create a variable of Y type in Service Studio, and map the attributes from X to Y.

Hope this helps,

Rodrigo Castelo