How to format a currency value using different locale culture ?

I would like to know if there is an alternative to FormatCurrency function that can use locale culture.

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The currency symbol in the  FormatCurrency function is a parameter(2nh parameter), so, if you have a way of link each locale to a currency symbol you can use it instead of the default value. 



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The FormatCurrency function has a problem, because it puts currency symbol always on first position. For $ it works, but for € doesn't work. If want to format 1000, in $ is $1000, it's ok. But if I wan't to format in € is €1000, but the correct format is 1000€. To workaround I use FormatDecimal concatenated with currency symbol

The main target with this question is to know if in Outsystems exists some function like this .net, which allows to format a numeric string based on locale culture.

for example:

Console.WriteLine(value.ToString("C3", CultureInfo.CurrentCulture));

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There is now an service extension that formats the currencies based on a locale provided that works with the CultureInfo and NumberFormatInfo from C# that you mentioned, if you need to use it as an outsystems function. 

Thanks a lot Alexandre, i will test it asap

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