floating button missing the screen


I have problems or floating button, floating button missing the screen

I have a screen with floating button scroll, after clicking the next button, go to another screen that appears or appears floating button, but does not appear, already put a real option visible.

Both screens have the floating button component, and are different screens not using tabs. Any tips?

Hi Daniela,

Could you show us some screenshots of what's happening and how you're implementing the button?

Can you share the oml, or maube a video so we could have a better understanding of whats happening?


clicking this button next goes to a new screen,when switching screens the floating disappears: 

If its 2 different pages I am assuming 2 i«you have 2 euqal layouts with the Floating Button on bottom. My guess is its something to do with the logic of the visible and always fixed properties. Have you tried to debug the app? Pay close attention to the values on those variables, its very likely something to do with those.