OutSystems UI 2.2.4 - missing some patterns

Hi all,

after the last update to version 11.0.606.0 I update my OutSystems UI to the 2.2.4 version.

I'm displaying 2.2.4 version on my Service Center but, in my Apps, I'm missing a lot of new features (just like "Stacked cards" (https://outsystemsui.outsystems.com/OutSystemsUIWebsite/PatternDetail?PatternId=68) and others ...

What am I missing ?

I don't have them in my Service Studio ...

Hi Luca,

Did you add the reference to those features?

If you don't k ow how to add references check this other post.



As noted in the documentation some OutSystems UI mobile pattersn are deprecated. So maybe that explains you have to refresh dependencies.

thanks guys ... my fault ...

I thought that everything component here ...


was EVEN for webapp EVEN for mobile app, but some patterns like "Stacked Cards" are just for mobile app !