Outsystems on Virtual Machine and Licensing

Outsystems on Virtual Machine and Licensing


I have an installation of the OutSystems platform 4.2 on a virtual 2003 R2 + Oracle 11g as DB and IIS 6 as application server, using VirtualBox as virtualization tool hosted on Linux.

There are several reasons I opted for this, among them is to take advantage of the snapshoting functionality which allows me to roll back the virtual machine to a previous version, and for ease of management (such as if I need to move the image from one real machine to another, which is where I encountered the problem).

The installation works great on the original host, but when I move the image on a different host OS, although (both host OS are identical from a version point of view and so are the VirtualBox installations on the hosts), I encounter a problem with the licensing. Everything starts up on the migrated virtual machine (on the new host), but the licensing becomes invalid. I tried to re-register the installation on the new host (by requesting a new license file), but after uploading the new license file nothing changes. The licese still registers as invalid.

My question is: are you guys familiar with this behaviour, is this how licensing is supposed to work and are we not supposed to have virtual installations which can be moved from one host to the other? Or perhaps you have a solution to fix the licensing on the migrated version, without having to reinstall the platform.

Thank you very much,

Stefan Harsan Farr
Hi Stefan,

The licensing framework of the Agile Platform uses an hash of the hardware to identify your machine. Each license grants you the right to use the platform in that specific machine and none other. Reinstalling the platform will therefore be useless to overcome licensing problems.

My guess is that VirtualBox is not fully virtualizing your host's hardware and in fact is exposing it inside the virtual OS. This means that when you change host, your virtual OS will also change hardware and therefore the license becomes invalid.

Please contact OutSystems' Technical Support directly for more support on this.


Rodrigo Castelo