Iterate all Table Records List with Line Count equal to 10 with a For Each

Hello everybody,


I have a Table Records that has the Line Count Property = 10 and an action that has a for each that saves the name of a user based if he has the check box = True. 


The Table Records has more than 10 records but the For Each just iterate 10 times because of the Line Count. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? How can i iterate all records in the For Each?


Pedro Santos

Hi Pedro,

You are using the list shown on screen as a ForEach parameter, try to use the preparation list, do not put start index or maximum iterations in foreach. 

The same list you use in the tablerecords parameter, you will use in the ForEach parameter.

Hi Pedro,

The linecount will limit both the number of records in the list of your TableRecords and in the list coming out of the Aggregate used to retrieve the data.  The list from the aggregate will have one more (in this case 11) as long as there are still more in the database.  So I don't really understand your comment "The Table Records has more than 10 records", it really doesn't.  Do you mean that there are more than 10 rows in the underlying database table ??

If your complete list of users is in a database table, and the 'checked' property is a boolean column of that table, then the way to go for you will probably be to build an aggregate that is not bound to any widgets, filtering on the checked column.

See attached a demo of impact of line count on data retrieved.

Hope this helped,