Automatic generation of WebScreens

Automatic generation of WebScreens


I already submitted this to the support team, but since there's a wish list, I'll copy my request here.

It would be very interesting, in Service Studio, to have a wizard (or something similar) that allows us to choose an entity and then automaticly generate WebScreens and screen actions to manage that entity.

I had this idea since there is a growing number of applications on the web that are capable of doing this, mainly Iron Speed Designer (

Imagine an oml with 60 entities and beeing able to create screens for them in 20 seconds.

regards ;)
I totally agree! This feature would save a lot of time and it suprises me that it's not already in the platform. Maybe O.S. is already working on it :)
Yeah, I agree. This would be an awesome addition to an already great tool. In fact, I would take this idea a step further and add an Application Wizard (Like IronSpeed) driven by a Datamodel or Normalized Database to create a App with, Web Screens, Menus, Searches, Filters, etc. All the basic stuff that one would expect from a modern Web App. Then we would modify and change as required.

IronSpeed is a great tool, but it is difficult to modify an generated app. The Agile Plaform on the other hand is a far better tool, but we spend a lot of time even with the Template creating functionaility that can be done with an Application Generator.

Adding an Application Generator would IMHO make the Agile Platform that much better.
If you use the templates that are delivered by Outsystems already you can create screens in no time, having to walk trough a wizard and selecting key fields and stuff like take probably takes more time then doing the same when you are experienced with the templates and off coarse use the cheat cheats Outsystems supplies for them :-) Also you can adapt the templates to your own company style guide ..

I would agree if you have only a few Entities/Tables. The templates are fine, but if you have more than a few entities then you are going to spend some time copying and modifying them. A better approach for a great tool like the Agile Platform would be to provide an Application Wizard/Generator driven by a Data Model and then modifying from there.

I have clients who are moving their legacy applications to the Web, the issue for me and them is taking their data bases and Models into a tool to migrate them to the web. The Agile Platform is a great tool; the addition of an Data Driven application generator would make life so much better for my clients and similar clients who are having the same issue. Those of us who have more than 10 entities/tables (In some cases upwards to 30 Entities/Tables within a model are possible), Tools like IronSpeed, CodeCharge and even Oracle Fusion (More Enterprise Tool Set) are what is most used to meet these requirements. None of these tools are as good as the Agile Platform, having a Application Generator would make the Agile Platform even better
I agree with gary. It should not be a discussion of making a choice between Ironspeed or OUtsystems.
There's no doubt that Outsystems has a lot to offer that Ironspeed has not. Still, to have the functionallity of IronSPeed together with the templates, wow, that would be great! I want the best of both worlds...doe that make me greedy?

I don't think it makes us greedy at all. Its a great tool and it is a fair request. There is nothing out there that is doing what the Agile Platform is doing. To have this feature would be simply Awesome