Hello everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful day,

Why doesn't the "create detail screen" in the entity menu, creates a upload file whenever it has a "binary data" attribute ?

I'm creating a new application, and I've notice that I needed some upload files capabilities,

So I've looked around and the correct attribute type to put in the entity is "Binary Data", after adding this attribute to an entity I quickly found out that outsystems does not generate a screen details page with the upload capability.

Even if I make it a mandatory attribute.

To solve this, I had to manually add an upload file widget myself and edit the "Save" action to get the "file upload" widget to assign to the entity field in the form.

Although this doesn't sound like much work it surprises me that this doesn't come out of the box, as file upload seems to be a standard thing by now.

My question is if I'm doing anything wrong and outsystems has a way to create the file uploads/download automaticly or I have to continue to add them manually, like described above.

Thank you so much!

There is a file upload widget. You already found this one.

There also is a file upload popup in Richwidgets that you could use. 

But you cant use an input widget to paste binary data/ file if thats what you are looking for.


Hi Diogo,

Not all Binary Data Attributes need to contain files, they can be used to store any kind of binary data, which is probably why it's not auto generated. In any case, no, you're not doing it wrong, and yes, you need to add an Upload widget yourself.


Hello Diogo,

Fist of all you can read the Best Pratices from Outsystems, related with Data Model: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/Best_Practices/Performance_Best_Practices/Performance_Best_Practices_-_Data_model#title

Isolate large text and binary data :)

This kind of automation is not possible, you do it the right way.