Suppose I have a number filed integer type.
What will Corresponding input field  check.

can we enter positive number only? can we enter zero number also ?
can we enter negative number also ? or and character we can enter?

How build in validation performs for this scenarios. 

OutSystems provides built-in validationsfor Input Widgets

? Mandatory fields must be filled

? User entered input values mustcomply with the data types of theVariables bound to the Widgets

? Validations are performed automatically

? Buttons inside a Form have aBuilt-Validations Property

? Set to Yes to perform built-in validations

If you wanna more information you can make the course of web that have more information. 

We can insert 0 and negative numbers if you want to not accept you can use extends property to set only positive numbers.

Hi Manish,

Note that there are two things that will restrict the values you can input: the input type and OutSystems validations. If you use an input with a number type most modern browsers will prevent you from writing anything that is not part of a possible representation of a number - an exception is "e", since you can write "1e3" to represent exponential notation.

If you use an input of type text, a user will be able to write anything, but OutSystems will still validate and block alphabet characters. Negative numbers and zero are accepted in both cases.

Here's a quick test espace:

The top input is of the text type, and the bottom is number. They both represent integer variables.