Stack change 10 JAVA to 10 .net.

Hi for all.

What are the pitfalls and how to prepare the code for migration?

What patterns should be found and refactored in the code?

Hello Sergey,

It was so long ago, but I did participate in a move from OS 10 Java to OS 10 .NET and I don't recall there being many significant changes that needed to be made. The cool part is that the featureset of the Java version is largely a subset of the .NET version, so most of what is supported in the Java version is supported in the .NET version as well (barring a couple but, sadly, I don't remember which those were but we were able to quickly overcome).

The BIGGEST thing we needed to do was a data migration for all our running apps which we did with secured REST connections and migration scripts. This was the most time consuming part since the order in which you move data depends on the dependencies of the entities. So the entities of lowest order of dependency need to be moved first and then on up so you can maintain foreign key reference integrity.

OutSystems support is going to be the best place to ask for this information. My opinion is that it was totally worth the move. The .NET version has a better feature set, runs more efficiently, and is at the front of the line for software updates/upgrades. Not only that, but more forge components seem to support .NET than support Java.