I tried to create Preparation Action on a newly created screen but when i right-clicked the the screen, Preparation Action and Screen Action are not available

Hi Adam!

Is it possible that you're right-clicking on the UI Flow icon instead of the webscreen/webblock/email screen itself?

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Joseph Enriquez



What app template did you choose?

On the new reactive web app template these concepts do no exist, nor do they exist on the mobile app templates. For those you directly define aggregates on the screen or data fetch actions.




Hi Adam,

If you are using the Reactive Web App Template as Daniël mentioned, you can find more information about this new generation of Web Apps in our forum post.

Below, you can read an excerpt about Data fetching on Reactive Web Apps.

Data fetching

Instead of using Preparation, you’ll find screen data directly below the screen. Screen data is composed of aggregates, data actions, and variables. Aggregates provide easy access to entities’ data, while data actions can be used for more advanced cases, like fetching data from external services. All these are executed asynchronously and in parallel. This will improve your app’s UX, since there is no need to wait for all data to arrive before starting to display the page.