How to validate license while doing the Offline Installation of the OutSystems

We've few OutSystems servers on public internet. Due to a new requirement I've to setup a new server/environment without internet.

I found the manual which steps out the offline installation of OutSystems. My question is around registering the environment. 

  • How to register the environment
  • How to validate the license 

Hi Swatantra,

To register the enviroments, it's necessary connectivity between they all.

And to validate license, you can download the license file and upload in the enviroments and Lifetime.

Hi Leandro,

You mean the connectivity between LifeTime and the new environment.. right?


Hi Leandro,

Thanks for the info. It is imperative to have connection between LifeTime and the environement.

For detailed and OutSystems confirmed response:

The offline installation is solely for the installation of the Platform Server.

In order to register an environment in LifeTime, although not necessary to connect to the outside network, it's imperative that the environments can communicate with LifeTime.

Please review following article: Networkinfrastructure requirements

Additionally, in order to use license, there's no need for an internet connection to validate it. You will need to go to your License page on community website, insert the correct Serial Number associated with the environment and upload the license.