Best practice in using Forge components in own application


Im new to outsystems and by following the tutorials and developed some applications ive some general knowledge. In some of these applications functionality that wasn't available in outsystems was needed. 

I tried to use forge components, but it seems that some forge components are missing documentation and using them feels like diving in the deep most of the time. 

Now I was wondering what the best practise of using these components is. Where do you guys start? and how do you use them?

Hi Indesh,

Unfortunately not all components in forge have documentation, but some have demos in the .oml file itself or in other .oml file in the forge. If it don't has one yet, you can use the Support tab to ask for help. There are some components supported by OutSystems that you can open a case for help in the

I particularly recommend using the forum right here.

Hi Indesh,

and welcome to the community :)

Regarding Forge components - they are pieces of re-usable code that you can download and costumized it according to your needs. You can use them in two different ways.

1) Install the component and customize it directly 

Disadvantage: If you use the automatic update from forge (when new versions are released), the update will override your customizations. 

Note: if you don't need to customize it, this is the best option. 

2) Install the component, make a clone, and customize your clone

Disadvantage: you won't be able to use an automatic update and if a new version is released you will need to update it manually (merge code). 

About documentation, is there any particular Forge component that you would like to use and doesn't have documentation? Maybe I can help. 

And in these scenarios, you can always drop a note to the team/forge component owner requesting to update documentation.