I am a beginner and trying to build a general Quiz Mobile Application. 

My questions 

1- May contain images with text. 

2- Each question will have atleast 3-4 options (May be text or Images).

3- Each question may have one or more correct answer

4- After the user selects and answer and clicks submit, the correct answer to be highlighted and explanation to answer should be shown.

Can someone help me with an entity relationship diagram for this along with some pointers on how to establish it?


What you are looking for is done many times, you can Google this rather easy


You will find various entity diagrams, start with one that makes sense to you and work your way to a solution from there.

One tip, you maybe want to create a web app to manage the content of your quizzes, and the mobile app only for users to do perform the quizzes. So make the data model not in your mobile application but in your web application and share the entities by making them public to your mobile application.



Hi Vivek,

Do you still require any help?

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Hi Vivek,

There is an application in forge Survey which does similar to what you are looking for . I saw the database design and implementation is really good and it can help you in designing your application database and functionality.