Hy, I’m facing a problem that I can’t understand where it’s coming from. I’m showing a date on the screen, just a simple expression that shows a date, the expression is inside a table record column that i gave 300px, i tried to put all the size into that column, just to check if it was a problem that the cell had on expanding! But I keep getting the same!

On chrome it shows like this: 2009-03-02
but on IE shows like this: 2009
- 03

There is no style associated to the expression!

Any ideas?
Try to check the HTML code, i suggest Mozilla Firefox with Firebug.

This is a very useful analyse tool.

Update: Problem solved!

I thought that when you gave width to a column heather it would make the entire column with that width, then I found out that it’s not like that, the lines had different width from the heather.

Thx for the help!