I would like to create an aggregate from a static entity that can be used to power a list where a user can check to select one or more options. I have a static entity of Disability:

and the answers for this entity go into DisabilityAnswers (where Disability is a foreign key to Disability.Id:

My join is as follows, with what i assume is a LEFT JOIN from Disability to DisabilityAnswers:

and my filters are as follows:

If I add a test value of a user I only get one value returned however:

and if I enter a value of a user with no answers then no rows are returned at all.

How can I get it so that all rows from the Disability entity are returned either with or without answers from the DisabilityAnswers entity?


Never mind, I found the answer! Turns out, typing it out was enough to help me work it out :D

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I moved the condition from the filter to the join:

and now I get rows returned:

Maybe this will help someone else :)