Wiki-like documentation

Wiki-like documentation


At the Delivering Dynamic Applications with Agility document it is stated that "At OutSystems, we provide a Wiki-like documentation component that is easily integrated into any application delivered with the Agile Platform."

Where can I find this component?
Hello Fernando,

From the description you provided, this component seems to be the Help Online. Anyone has other suggestion to implement a wiki in Outsystems?

Is the online help searchable?

Has anyone ever built an online wiki in Outsystems that would like to share?

I'm wondering on the possibility of extending the Help solution for this.... Does this seem a good idea?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hello Diogo,

I can't remember what I intended to say one year ago, when I posted this question. Nevertheless, I think that it would be great if the OutSystems Comunity could edit the Online Help, complementing it with more examples or more detail.

As an example, check out the documentation at, where users can post notes, examples, clarifications, etc.

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That is actually something that has been suggested back and forth, even internally, but there are no plans to do so in the near future.

However, it is something that could definitely be interesting and useful - to move OutSystems' Agile Platform online help to a wiki-based system where everyone could contribute to it. Do you think this would be an interesting proposition for the Community to participate in?

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

How about turning the forum into a wiki based system?

Usually the forum is used to pose and answer questions, as also as explaining several concepts, or just sharing info....

Sometimes though, we have either two topics on the same subject, or long forums hard to follow....

What might be interesting would be to attach the forum to a wiki model... 

That is,  we would still have a forum, but now we could categorize it...

Of course, there would have to be some people responsible for the wikorum supervision and maintenance, as also as a feature to report misPlaced topics...

And also, this wikorum could be a component available for reuse and community upgrades....

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
...but a forum and a wiki are fundamentally different tools, unless I'm seeing it from a wrong perspective.

A forum allows users to interact with one another, share experiences, and to help each other out.

A wiki, on the other hand, is a collaborative tool for knowledge sharing.

If what you mean by merging both is because of a lack of categories in the current forum, we have considered sorting it out through other mechanisms such as tags... What other needs would a wiki cover that we are not aware of, in a forum environment? Please let me know!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Yes, the forum is all that you've said : "A forum allows users to interact with one another, share experiences, and to help each other out."

and tags would improve the forum searchability, but the tags would have to be by post...and well...not all posts have what we need. How do one know what is the post with the answer? Is the answer spread around 100 posts?

And then the question urges, can one support a wiki And a Forum ?

Most of Forum questions may be answered in the wiki, from my point of view...You could have a section on our wiki subject that would be : practical examples, or even references to the training....

You could always have a uncategorized area, where the forum could live in its current format, until someone analised all those sharings, and group'em all in the wiki. As soon as a post would have it's content on the wiki, it could be attached to it....

You should keep the mailing lists with the last posts, and then have someone encharged to put it on the right spot (letting the community participate on this could be great, but could also increase the enthropy...)...

Am I explaining myself successfully?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hi Paulo,

In my opinion, the available documentation is many times unclear or incomplete, and sometimes when I try to understand some feature or function I end up with the same questions.

I end up having to make some tests to know exactly how that feature or function behaves and if it works as I'd like it to.

The documentation serves as an example where users can post notes. It’s not exactly a forum, because it’s not to place to ask questions. It’s not a wiki also, because the official documentation is not changed by the community.

I believe that tagging or categorizing the forum is not the solution. As Diogo put it, there are usually different topics on the same subject, or topics are just too long and hard to follow....

I think a wiki is the way to go, acting as a live document, a work-in-progress.

As an alternative, the OutSystems online help could work like, where users could contribute to the existing documentation. Periodically, users contributions could be integrated in the official documentation and the posts (acting as notes) removed.

Either way, the online documentation could have links pointing to forum posts, where interesting discussions toke place, or there tips & tricks were shared.

Best regards,
Hi Diogo and Fernando,

You did indeed a good job explaining what you meant by joining the two concepts. As I mentioned initially, however, there are currently no plans of doing so in the near future. These inputs will definitely be added to our internal discussions when the time is appropriate, and I'll definitely let you know if there are any developments.

As I see it, I agree with what you're saying: there could indeed be a documentation wiki, with links to the training, to online examples, to the forums, etc.  That should not replace a forum as it exists. A forum is a requisite - both for new and veteran users who want to discuss or share their experiences - and a wiki is a great tool to collaboratively document and store knowledge, and could be used for the Platform documentation as you mentioned it.

Thank you very much for your input, once again.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares