Translation cannot be reused

Is it possible to create a translation as a template without Entity or screen and use it in another module?
After creating a new module by specifying a template, I want to make it so that multilingual logic is applied by bootstrapping an entity.

Hello chappy,

As far as I know, and if I understood well, that you want to apply translations dynamically to different modules, no, it is not possible.

Please, refer to the last comment by Kilian on this topic:



P.S. I assumed this is for Web applications.
Mobile applications work differently and you need a plugin to enable multilanguage.


Hello Eduardo

Thank you for quick reply.

As you can see,it is an implemention in  Web Application.

Thank you for your advaice.

I was thinking that it would be possible to apply CSS and multi-language support by dragging and dropping to the demo to convey the wonderfulness of this tool to the client. Consider another method.