I have 4 tables: Maintenances, Equipments, Activities and MaintenanceActivities. 

    - When I create a new Equipment, I add Activities for this Equipment.

    - When I create a Maintenance I add a Equipment (necessarily). The Activities for the selected Equipment are loaded in a combobox, that is in a EditableTable:

    The source for this combo, is the Record List below:

When I select a activity, I need to load the activity frequency. I have a combo for frequency and the source record list is:

I have a ajax in the ActivityIdChange Event. So, when a user select a activity, the frequency is automatically loaded. 

In the table MaintenanceActivities, I have the MaintenanceId, ActivityId, FrequencyId (because frequency is a static table) and Date.

Finally, the problem is: When I load a Maintenance, the activities and the date appear, but the Activity Frequency doesn't appear:

The source for the Editable Table is a list that gets the Maintenance Activity by the MaintenanceId:

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi Julia, 

My first guess is that probably you are associating the combo variable to the right value? 

If you can share your oml I can help you better. 

Best regards, 


Hello Julia

Yes, the oml would be very useful :) 

I had some similar questions... 

What is the variable holding the Activity value in the Activity combo? is it local var 'Activity' or something like 'MaintenanceActivityTable.List.Current.MaintenanceActivity.ActivityId' ? Whichever is please make sure that's the same as one in the filter for ActivityFrequency combo. And about this - what is the relation between Activity and ActivityFrequency? Is it 1 to Many? I can see there 3 tables as the source of the aggregate... What is the join you are having there?

If it's 1 to Many I'm confused why are you saving in MaintenanceActivity entity again this ActivityFrequency if it's already 'living' inside the Activity...

Best regards :)