[Firebase Mobile] Firebase Mobile - ios apps not receiving any NotificationData

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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa
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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa

I'm using the fire-base mobile plugin for push notifications. It is all working well and receiving the notification data (in the FCMCentralDispatcherOnNotification client action) in android app. But for the same app in IOS i'm not receiving any data.  Notifications are working fine in both IOS & Android, the problem is only with the notification data 

IOS: {"Title":"","Body":"","Deeplink":"","AppInBackground":true,"DataKeyValues":[{"Key":"gcm.message_id","Value":"1570651581725094"},{"Key":"google.c.a.e","Value":"1"},{"Key":"aps","Value":"[object Object]"}]}

Android : {"Title":"hello","Body":"testing","Deeplink":"","AppInBackground":false,"DataKeyValues":[{"Key":"aps","Value":"[object Object]"},{"Key":"google.c.a.e","Value":"1"},{"Key":"gcm.message_id","Value":"1570650339285033"}]}

Any pointers on this issue would be helpful.