Validation when updating multiple rows at once

I want to implement the process of placing 'input' in a table record cell and updating multiple rows of records with a single 'submit'. In that case, is it possible to check with custom validation and focus only on the 'input' in the error line and display an error message?

Hi chappy!

Yes it is possible to display an error message and focus on that input with custom validations and Ajax refresh.

I have attached an OML with an approach on how to do it.

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Joseph Enriquez

Hi Joseph

Thank you for your advice.

I would like to do it with 'Table Record' instead of the 'editable table' presented. In that case, I think it is necessary to loop validation one record at a time. However, you cannot focus on the line that caused the error.


That's possible using javascript. This is what the validation logic looks like:

And this is the code passed in to the "RunJavaScript" action:

"$($('#" + TableRecords.Id + " tr')[" + (TableRecords.List.CurrentRowNumber + 1) + "]).find('input').focus()"

Be advised that you might have to refine the argument for the "find" function depending on how your UI is built (you might have more than one input inside each row).

Hi Aurelio

Thank you for your advice.

Thanks to that, the focus came out.

I am sorry for the additional question, how can I output an error message next to the error input?