All forge components report "No stable version for your environment"


I see something strange when accessing the forge from Service Studio:

All components report the same messsage "No stable version for your environment"?

Why? When I access the Forge from the browser I do not see these messages.

Yesterday this problem did not exist, and our platform did not receive an upgrade and is still on version Version



I'm at and do not have this issue (just checked). Is it possible that a base component hasn't been updated in your environment but that is used by a lot of other components? 

No that is not the case. I get the message on ALL forge components not even once we use.

Yesterday everything was ok.

We confirmed that this is happening in multiple enterprise environements as well as in personal environments.

Maybe a MVP can check this up with OutSystems?

My environment too, I think it is beacause of the Environment update few days ago... If you updated your environment on their website that might be the cause. 



I do not think it is of environment update.


Hi Daniel,

When accessing Forge in the browser it is normal not to see these messages because there is no compatibility check with your environment.

As for your screenshot is a behavior for when you are not connected in the environment.
Can you please try connecting again to see if the problem continues?


Hi Huerlem,

We also experienced this error when we were connected in more than one infrastructure and in PE.

The problem seems to be be gone now.