Client Certificate


Although I have the built in action ClientCertificateGetDetails available, this action only returns the data from one Client Certificate.
But if I have more than one client certificate, how can I access and read it?

Kind regards,
Rui Felix
I'm not sure if this answers your question but imagine you a record list of 'client certificates' ( use a query ). To read them you can create a foreach ( with that record list ) and then one by one you can read all 'client certificates'.

Hope this answers your question...
Hello Rui,

From what i know, at each time you only have one client certificate active...

When you enter a site which requires client certificates, your web browser requests you to choose a that is the one that gets to the server for validation....

Why would you need to read several client certificates ?

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Diogo C S Cordeiro
Thanks for your help.
You are absolutely right, Diogo. Everything is working fine now.

I only have one last question.

How do I retrieve the Thumbprint of the Client Certificate?

Kind regards,
Rui Felix
Hello again,

I'm glad i could help...but for the thumbprint....i can only guess that if there is a way to get, you probably have to code it with .NET.

As you have noticed the built in action ClientCertificateGetDetails does not provide that field...but at the same time...why do you need it?

Isn't the serialnumber enough ?
Well, the specifications I have require the Thumbprint.

I also tried the action "ClientCertificateValue" with the key as "thumbprint", but without any luck.