Someone knows if it's possible to block print screen and how can I do it?

You can use the privacyScreenPlugin from github

It was conveniently encapsulated in an OutSystems component available at the Forge:

It will allow you to prevent screen captures of you app

Hi Pedro,

Do you mean disabling the print screen button? This might be possible with Javascript by creating an event listener and capturing the specific key press, but any solution will be very flimsy - the user can still find ways to copy what he's seeing. If you don't have direct control of the client, what happens to the data you send is beyond your control.

Could you share more about your use case? Maybe there's other ways to achieve what you need.

Hi Pedro,

Is it for Mobile or Web application?

Hi Afonso is right, whatever time and money you spent to implement this requirement, is a waist in imho. Any other 3th party application will be able to grap screen content as will be any person with a camera or smartphone.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the answers...
The plugin informed by Samuel works fine! But only for Android devices...
I'm need to do it for iOS devices too.

I recognize that there are ways to get around this ... I just want to minimize the fact.