Deployment issue on table names.


In my development environment  i have a table name osusr_abc_product, so when I deployed it to test environment  the table name is recorded as osusr_efg_product.

Due to some reasons we have done changes in test env. so we want to deploy the application from test to dev environment  . 

So my doubt is do we get any difference with these table names like it will create any new tables,with the name existing in the test or it will continue the table name that already existed in the dev environment .

Please clarify this doubt!!




Hi Pavani,

Different physical table names are the result of renaming the eSpace. However, the connection between the Entity name and the physical table name are encoded in the database, so there's no need to worry: the physical table name that's already in development will be kept.


Hello, Pavani

To answer directly, you won't see any difference between entity and attribute names between environments.

Upon deployment, the changes you've made to your data model are saved and reflected in the database.

For a backwards propagated hot fix, please make sure you follow the steps: