Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard


Can anyone help with developing a virtual keyboard to work with the platform?

I searched the forum but didn't find any solution.

Thanks in advance.
Maybe the project 'JavaScript Virtual Keyboard' could help you.


Matthias Preuter
Hi Matthias, and thank's for your answer.

In fact it is a nice virtual keyboard and it fits just fine.
The problem is that I don't know how to add those files in the resource files (I don't know how to to add those javascript files to the espace).

If you or anybody can help me with that I would apreciate.

Try something like:
"c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio 4.2\OmlResources.exe" -o eSpace.oml -a javascript_file.js
Hi André.

I'll try as you say.

Thank you.