Send Notification to user after an action is done

Hi, I want my action to send a notification to the user after its done. In reactive apps , there was a message block to do that. How do i achieve the same in a web app?

Hello Ankit,

In web application this can be done with Feedback_Message widget under RichWidgets. Hope this helps!



Hi Ankit,

You can add a FeedBack_Message action to do that.

If you need to call it from javascript, that is possible too:




Hi Ankit,

You can use a Feedback Message at the end of your screen action:

You can import it from RichWidgets if it's not already referenced in your module:


Hi Ankit,

Send Notification mean Email or message on your web page.

On message on your web page -

In action before end select "FeedBack Message" from richwidget and provide information type like 

Success, Error, Warning or Information" and message also.

just like-

For Email-

you need to create email block and create a action for send email and call after action.also you need to cinfigure SMTP in your service center.

Hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu.