[Oracle Connector - P11] Version Behavior
Forge component by Eduardo Oliveira

Hello, Is this component working on the p11 of the Outsystems?

Does it have the same behavior of the older component?


Gabriele Costa

Hi Gabriele,

Yes, the component has the same behavior of the oldest one about executing stored procedures.

You can check it ;)


Eduardo Oliveira

Alô Eduardo

Tem alguma documentação sobre este connector? Não estou a conseguir perceber como passo parametros de input e recebo os parametros de output num SP. No caso, 1 parametro de input e 4 de output. Alguma ideia?


Alô Eduardo

Do you have any documentation about this connector? I'm not able to understand how I pass input parameters and receive the output parameters in an SP. In this case, 1 input and 4 output parameters. Any idea?


In fact, if you download this and install it it will OVERWRITE the p9 version of the extension. Not very cool imho. 

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