Web block with icon and expression, preview only works if in same espace


This week I have create an extension to a standard command bar used in detail screens.

This web block have some parameters:





and some others.

As it is part of many detail screens I want to have preview in Service Studio.

Doing some tests today I realized that when the web block is on the same espace where it was used we have preview in Service Studio.

If I reference the block on other espace the preview is gone.

How can it be possible?

I will put the images here: I will maintain the parameters and just change the source web block on the screen it was used to get the pictures.

As we can see in images Service Studio are not showing preview of icon inside a web block if this web block are in other espace.

Just to make it more clear...

It's exact the same content web blocks, it were cloned just to see the impact of a little change.

The icon and the text/label to be showed are parameters of the web block.

If someone knows how to achieve the desired behavior, please let me know.

I really understand that as the datatype of icon input parameter of web block is of Entities.IconNameIdentifier Service Studio can show the icon.

During runtime all is fine.

Hi Márcio,

Thanks for your feedback. I will pass this to Outsystems team.



Thank you Marcelo!

Let me know if more info is needed.

Hi, This was already passed to OutSystems a while ago.

I think it is in the backlog already, but not sure it is with a "high priority", due to all the changes they've been working lately, that will have to go live in 2020 Q1.