I have created a web app using the new Reactive Web App templates. However once I moved back to my development machine at work I was getting the following error.

Unavailable Feature
The environment you're logged into doesn't support Reactive Web - Aggregate Start Index. Upgrade the environment to publish the module.

The service studio versions and platform server versions are the same as the other machine and there is no difference. My only thought would be something with the port blocking or corporate proxy that would be affecting this.

What sort of network connectivity is required from the development environment in order to create/deploy the new Reactive Web Apps?

Service Studio Version - 11.6.1


You have to update some forge components related to OutSystems UI too, maybe that is not done yet done in the environment that you get the error ?

Read the FAQ section of https://outsystemsui.outsystems.com/OutSystemsUIWebsite/WhatsNew

For instructions.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the swift reply. I don't think this is related to components as it runs fine on another machine. I have tried re-installing service studio on the error'ing machine as well.



Can you show a screen print of service center on the right the platform server version is shown.

Hi Daniel,

Is this what you are looking for...

Yes, that is indeed the correct version number.

So if version number of environment is correct and you have followed instructions as outlined in the FAQ I referred to, then I do not understand why you get these error messages.

Are you sure it is the same environment? 

Could it be on one machine you are in the development environment and in the other for example logged into that test environment?

Now you know why I have been scratching my head as well. Is there some calls that are made from Service Studio back to Outsystems central servers as part of development? Similar to how the templates are used? I might need to configure some proxy whitelisting to resolve this.

That part I don't know about unfortunately.

Maybe one of the OutSystems MVPs could check this with OutSytems? Why they read this.

Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:

That part I don't know about unfortunately.

Maybe one of the OutSystems MVPs could check this with OutSytems? Why they read this.

Thanks for your help nonetheless, greatly appreciated.

One more thing I see there is a Oct 2019 CP1 of the platform server available. Check out the rekease notes. Maybe it is related.


Hey Tom!

Yeah, i've got the same issue in my personal environment.  You have to go to the forge and download Outsystems UI 2.2.5, upload and install it.  Then i went back to forge and updated Outsystems UI Web Screen Templates.  Not 100% sure if this last step is necessary but it worked for me.