Input Filename in RichWidgets PopUp Editor

Input Filename in RichWidgets PopUp Editor


I'm trying to use an input filename widget within a RichWidgets PopUp Editor window but it seems that it doesn't work, the input filename is always empty and it doesn't keep the filename.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
I had the same problem on a project and because of that hadn't use the screen as a popup, because when the link type is ajax the input filename doesn't work, only work when is submit.
That problem is a bug of RichWidgets probably.
If there are any solution to that problem a like to know.
Yep. Same issue here. I wanted to use almost the same construction but using Ajax.
But I got a response from support:

Thank you for contacting us. Let us analyze the problem by parts:
• You can not use a button of type AJAX to perform a file upload operation, at least not with the standard file upload widget. Due to browser security settings, client-side javascript cannot manipulate the file content of HTML upload widgets – it can only be processed on the server side, demanding that you use a submit-type button;
• Since you cannot use buttons of type submit inside Styleguide popups (they cause you to lose the pop-up) it is not trivial to implement that behavior.

There is however (at least one) way to accomplish this:
• Using the pop-up pattern, load a screen with an IFrame containing another screen with the upload widget and the submit button;
• Include a hidden button that actually submits the form;
• When pressing the visible button, trigger the display of the progress indicator and afterwards submit the actual upload;

Maybe it helps in solving your issues.

One solution is:
- Set the button in the popup editor with method "submit"
- then in the 'save' action you will have the value of the file. Instead of simple end in action, end it with a screen destination to your original page (where you open the popup)

- this is a solution for one file, if you want n files you must have n filename input's.

I hope it helps you :)