[Ultimate PDF] How to adjust margins for Landscape in Ultimate pdf

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Published on 10 Feb (2 weeks ago) by Ricardo Costa
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Published on 10 Feb (2 weeks ago) by Ricardo Costa


I am using Ultimate pdf to generate a report. When the report was downloaded, I found the page margins were too large and forced some empty blank pages in the report.

Is there a way to reduce the margins.

When I went to the CSS it states the "Customised the CSS inherited from the theme "my app name" here.

So I am really at a loss on how to solve this.

Hope you can help.


Hi Thiruvarasu,

see if this post can help you:



Hi Thiruvarasu. Could you create a screen that simulates your report with static/mock data (e.g. nothing that depends on the database), and share it here?

Your blank page is probably due to some height or padding CSS rule.