BPT - Human Activity - Access Output Variables


In this example, my Human activity, cannot access the output variable of the Automatic Activity, "ChangeUser" which should not be necessary.

How can I access this information?

Hi Emanuel,

 At first, looking at your example this code would generate a loop, because the human activity can take seconds, hours or even days to be finished by the user.

See the following image with an example how to you build your BPT:

1) In the first step you make a human activity with your logic;

2) Puts a "Wait" to wait for the response of the human activity;

3) After the wait you will put the decision to see if your human activity is finished;

4) Then put an automatic activity "Change User" with an output and re-call your process with the output of the automatic activity.

I hope that this might have helped you. If you have any more questions, let me know.

That happens because the first time you are executing the human activity, since the automatic activity haven't runned yet there's no output.

If you have a flow like the following, you will be able to get the output field because the automatic activity is always executed before the human activity: