Converting .docx or .xlsx stored as binary to text

We have some files that are stored as binary in our application.   The users are asking for the ability to search the file for a word or phrase.  My thought would be to convert the binary to text and then use Index to determine if the word or phrase is found in the converted document's text.   This works well for .txt files that are stored as binary in our system, but the .docx and .xlsx files don't appear to be converting to a text string.

(.pdfs don't either but I believe that is because the pdf is more of an image than raw text)

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this for documents, excel files AND text files?  

Hello Josh,

There are no ready components that I know of to achieve this functionality. But you can consider writing some Dot Net extensions using free or paid tools to accomplish what you are looking for.



Okay thanks, I'll look into the .NET.   I've done this previously in Java but haven't ever had to work with .NET so this will be a new adventure.