Hi All,

I am retrieving JSON data from a text file, I deserialize that data

which is converted into an array of object (i.e. list).

Is there any way i can create a new entity for that list and then insert the data to the same entity.

Note:- I don't have to create the entity manually, system itself should create it , analyzing the object

Thanks if anyone can help me on this. :)

Hi Dhiraj,

Outsystems keep lot of meta information in differents entities for the table you create using service studio manually to keep track of in which epace it is created , what all attributes it has and many other information and thus there is no out of the box feature available to create entity at runtime from a list.

Can you explain me more  what do you want to achieve by this so that i can help you better.



Hi Pramod, 

Here I am actually reading a json file, then I am deserializing the json converting it into entity structure, 

Next I have to create a new entity based on this json, there can be multiple json files, and so can have multiple different entities to be created. 

The thing here is structure is not fixed, it will be depending on json file.